X-Ray Laboratories was established in 1968, since when it has provided a professional, comprehensive, and cost-effective testing and inspection service to the engineering industry in the greater Auckland area.
 Laboratory testing is carried out in most of the techniques required for a complete service to the engineering industry regarding welding procedures, welder qualification and materials approval.
 On-site testing is carried out in the common techniques of non-destructive inspection used by the heavy engineering industry for the approval or certification of production welds.
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Ultrasonic Inspection and Thickness TestingUltrasonics.html
Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant InspectionSurface_Methods.html
Welder and Procedure Qualification TestsWelder_Qualifications.html
Tensile Strength Testing
Hardness Testing
Impact (Charpy) TestingMechanical_Testing.html
Visual Inspection of Welds for Structural Work, Pressure Vessels/Piping, and PipelinesVisual_Inspections.html