Mechanical Testing
             IANZ Accredited Testing Laboratory

Tensile, Compression, and Bend Tests:
Load range 5kN to 400kN.
Accuracy of equipment Grade A calibration better than 1%.
Digital recorder with 0•02, 0•05, and 0•1 kN increments.
Peak hold and recorder outputs.
Test methods to BS EN 10 002-1, ASTM E8, AS 1544/2.

Charpy V-Notch Impact Testing:
300J in graduations readable ti 1J Avery type 6703 with modified charpy anvil to increase rigidity.
Temperatures down to -50 degrees C available.
Test methods to BS EN 10 045-1, AS 1554/2.

Vickers Hardness Testing DPH:
Avery Hardness Tester with 5kg-50kg load.
The standard preferred laboratory test procedure is BS EN 6507.

Macroscopic Weld Examination:
Specialist Macro Technician for high quality and high resolution macro images.
Weld samples cut and polished to 1200psi.
Stainless steel, Carbon steel, and Aluminum samples shown below.

Macro Examination Examples:
Stainless                     Carbon Steel                       Aluminum

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